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For all of our training programmes you should apply in the academic year before you wish to train. Recruitment for September 2022 is now open and all applications are through UCAS for our undergraduate programme or DfE Apply for our PGCE programmes.

You should apply as early as possible, as places are highly sought after,  however, you will need to demonstrate that you can meet the entry requirements.

Prior experience in a school is not required. However, where you have been able to gain experience in schools, we might find reports from those schools helpful. Lack of school experience will not be a reason for rejecting an otherwise suitable application.

When completing your application, please tell us not just what you have done but what you have learned from your experience.

You may apply if you are in the final year of your degree, as long as you demonstrate that you have been predicted to achieve the degree class required for the programme that you are applying for.

Please ensure that you proof read your application and correct any errors before you apply!

Entry Requirements

For all programmes:

  • A first degree (2.2 or above) from a recognised UK higher education institution (or equivalent overseas Qualification) *However we will consider applicants with a 3rd class degree under exceptional circumstances 

  • GCSE Grade 4 or higher (or equivalent) in English, Mathematics, and Science

  • The ability to communicate clearly and accurately in Standard English (both written and orally)

  • A commitment to teach and a motivation to learn
  • Well developed personal qualities and skills such as self-organisation, resilience and reflectiveness

  • A commitment to equal opportunities

  • We will set the date for you to meet all your conditions when we make you an offer. You will normally have to meet your conditions by the 1st May 2022, or approximately a month after you are offered a place (if you are recruited after May).


In addition to the above:

  • Evidence that you can meet the academic demands of the programme (Your first reference would usually be provided by a tutor from the university where you completed your first degree or further qualification such as an MA)

Additional Information

Applicants for teacher training must hold an 4-9 pass in GCSE in English, Maths and Science or a qualification of equivalent level and breadth of subjectWe do not accept Level 2 certificates in Adult Literacy or Adult Numeracy as we have been advised by the DfE that there is insufficient breadth of information studied in these courses for entry to teacher training.

If you hold a degree or other qualifications from a non-UK institution, you must verify their equivalence through the UK National Information Centre for the recognition and evaluation of international qualifications and skills (UK ENIC). You will also need to supply written evidence of this information with your application.

Applicants who do not hold Maths, English, Science GCSE Grade 4 (or above)

If you do not hold a GCSE in Maths or English at grade 4 or above or an equivalent qualification, you can still apply as long as you indicate on your application form that you are taking an equivalency test. We accept equivalency tests from: 

Birmingham City University –

Equivalency Testing  –

A pass in these tests will be acknowledged by SCITTELS as being equivalent to Grade 4 or above at GCSE level.

Results of equivalency tests / GCSEs must usually be received by SCITTELS by the 1st May 2022 or within a month of application (for those recruited after May) – we cannot usually wait for results of normal GCSE exams (which usually do not come out until August) so would not recommend you arrange to take these. If you are unable to pass equivalencies by the set deadlines, please contact us so we can advise you.

If you need support with arranging or preparing for your equivalency tests, please do get in touch.